The Spring of Oden:
A holy spring in the area of Rosberga, known since the aesir cult
-still the water pours directly from the mountain,fresh and cold.

The Runic Stone of Rosberga:
Runshall-It says:"Brother raised the stone over H...,his son, a hard and
good man".

Nearby the stone was once upon a time a farmer digging for sand:
"It is likely to believe that a poor and simple farmer has begun to dig
nearby Runshall 3 thursday nights ahead, but the last night /the PEOPLE
says/ a horrible giant took him and punished him by whipping so violently
that he coughed up blood for a whole month".

Since ever then the stone has been guarded day and night by the
inhabitants. This is the oldest documented runic stone in Sweden and it has also been left in it´s original place.

The Passage Tomb of Rosberga -
is over 5.200 years old and has a dominating situation: The view over the valley and the
mountains in the east and the meadowland around the lake of Hornborga in the north
is magnificient.

There is over 250 of these stone monuments to be seen within
a circle of 15 minutes in the area of Rosberga.

- In the parish of Hornborga there is to be found one of the most remarkable ancient monumental
sites in the country, it lies on the eastern slope of a saddle ridge, which mainly consists of exposed
sandstone rocks. Beneath the rigde flows the stream named Slafsan, which is the principal tributory
to lake Hornborga.
At Ekornavallen we come across graves representing the whole of our prehistoric past.

Lake of Hornborga
- is the most renowned bird-lake in Europe with its
cranes always dancing in April.
The oldest residence for humans we know in Sweden is about 11.000 years
old and can be found around the lake.

Karleby: The largest Passage Tomb in Europe.

The Golden Collar of Ålleberg:
It is 1500 years old and belonged to a king
(or perhaps even a living God)

and many things more...