Rösberga Manor
is opening up for tourism

Family Mannius zu dem Berge
wishes YOU

The manor is ancient; the building of Rösberga begun in the 11th century. Today
remains about 35 houses and buildings that belongs to the property and the
youngest one is 100 years old.

People has been living here for at least 10 000 years and among the oldest remaining
subjects are some stone monuments.
The passage tombs are here aggregated; 75 % of all these in the whole Sweden are to
be found in the area around Rosberga.

According to Mac Key in his book The Myth of Ubsula written in 1977 was this the
home of the Oden Family or Clan, the leader of each clan was canonized in to a god
and Oden or Wotan became the highest god of the vikings in their religion;
The Aesir Cult.

You can read 10 000 years of history simply by reading the nature.
Welcome to the land we assume is the origin of Sweden.