Stone age, new age or something in between, the area offers you a lot.
  • The knighthood Imperatorum have their seat at Rösberga and invitates you to the Middle Ages.
  • The hot tub (8-10 persons).
  • The sauna (25 persons) with a cold tub.
  • Axevalla Trotting and Skara Sommarland.
  • Fishing and canoeing in the Hornborga river.
  • Possibilities to make rides with airballoons, gliders and horses.
  • Family pic-nics among horses, cows and sheep.
  • Golf - Falköpings Golfclub -
    South-East of Rosberga, at walking distance, there is an exquisit golfclub
    with pair 72 and 18 holes.It is a beautiful open parkway with small heights.

    You can hire golfclubs, golfmobile and caddies. You can also take lessons.

    Tel. Clubhouse +46-51531370
    Tel. Restaurant & Pub +46-51531325
    Tel. Golfshop +46-51531330
    Tel. Administration +46-51531270

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